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Pixmintro's News

Posted by Pixmintro - June 2nd, 2012

Hey, just reminding you guys.

The "Summer Rec" Kickstarter fundraiser ends in 4 days! If you're interested in donating, DO IT NOW! Before it's too late! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell everyone! You have the power!

"Summer Rec" Kickstarter- Last Chance!

Posted by Pixmintro - May 26th, 2012

Hey everyone!

Just as a reminder, the "Summer Rec" Pilot Episode Kickstarter is still going on! We're in the final 2 weeks, any donation helps! Tell your friends and spam the shit out of this if you'd like. Know any billion/zillionaires? Ask them to fund it on top of the new yacht, $16 million home and implants for their Misses!

If you donate any money, you can watch the FULL 14-minute animatic for the pilot episode! Wow! Donate more and you can get signed DVDs, scripts, a CAMEO in the pilot and a bunch of other stuff!


Reminder: "Summer Rec" Kickstarter!

Posted by Pixmintro - May 18th, 2012

Hey everybody!

Thanks Tom for the news post love and putting the "Summer Rec" Preview on the front page for a bit!

Yeah, just wanted to let you guys know if you haven't seen yet. My pilot project "Summer Rec" has a Kickstarter fundraiser!

The goal is $7,500 by June 7th! AHHH! Not a lot of time! FFFF
If you donate any amount of money, you can see the full 14-minute animatic for the pilot! Not only that, but there's shit tons of other rewards (based on donation amount) including signed DVDs and even having an animated cameo as a Rec student in the pilot! Neato! So yeah, any donation helps, tell your friends if you want. Ya know, if you want.

"Summer Rec" Kickstarter Fundraiser!

Posted by Pixmintro - December 11th, 2011

Sup everybody

I updated my demo reel finally if any of you are interested in checking it out. Sucks a lot less than my old one. Titmouse is looking for animators and I'd feel like a dip sending in an out-of-date reel. The reel's also got a bunch of footage from the new Summer Rec pilot and a bit of stuff from some incomplete work.

/* */
Also, I'm coming along pretty well, not great, but pretty good on the Summer Rec pilot. The thing's gonna be around 9 and a half minutes it looks like right now. I'm almost done with having a full pose test for the thing and already have several segments fully animated and colored and it's looking pretty good yerr. I'm shooting for a late April/early May completion and it seems to be pretty doable right now.

Oh and I finally got off my ass and started submitting "Cheromanchequois" to film festivals. Currently sent to the Maryland Film Festival, Cleveland, Williamsburg and the Chicago Underground Film Festival. Planning on sending it to a bunch more, including Animation Block Party and maybe Ottawa if I don't have the Summer Rec pilot done in time. Yurp, hopefully it gets into at least a few of them.

Follow my Tumblr if you already haven't, or don't, I don't mind!

Yeah, just thought I'd say hey and everything. See ya later.

Hey all 5 people who are interested, here's me saying hi!

Posted by Pixmintro - July 28th, 2011

Sup everybody

Just to fill in anybody who's interested, I finally got around to writing the pilot script for Summer Rec a few days ago. I still need to revise it a ton before I get around to moving further with it. But yeah, hopefully I'll be moving onto voice recording within the next 2 weeks. I'm shooting to have all the prep-work up to storyboard done by the end of August.

Also I've been drawing a lot of stuff recently, if you wanna check out some character poses, fanart and other shit, I've filled up my blog a ton. Yeah, pretty much every post I do from now on will whore a blog, bleh.

Anyway there's all that. Later muhfuks

Moving Forward

Posted by Pixmintro - June 21st, 2011

Hey everybody. Yeah, I got my username changed, I already forgot!

I'm very happy with the feedback Cheromanchequois has received (A week on front page, jeez!), thank you all very much. It appears that a bunch of people haven't quite grasped the message of the movie, and I would set the record straight, but I don't really see why I should so I won't. K? Protip, if you think the movie is offensive, it's probably cuz you're readin into it backwards. But honestly, reviews complaining about that are much better than 500 reviews asking for a rape scene, amirite? ¯\(%u30C4)/¯

Anyway, if you guys want to watch my progress on my pilot project, feel free to follow at The Comatose Cartoonist. I should be putting up shittons of production art over the next few weeks as I start prepping.

Oh I almost forgot, my animation professors made a sweet-ass stop motion music video, check it out!

/* */
I'm off! I leave you with a compacted image of the cast of Summer Rec.

Thank Y'all Muhfuks

Posted by Pixmintro - June 14th, 2011

Hey, my new cartoon, Cheromanchequois is finally completed, and it's about damn time! So many missed deadlines, so many missed opportunities... But hey it's done. Thanks to Sapphire for helping me put together a great cast, and Hnilmik and D-Mac for being that great cast!

Looking ahead, I may try shopping this around some festivals maybe if I have the money or the patience to do it. This was supposed to be done for the Cartoon Brew Student Festival, but I missed the deadline... Twice. Oh wellll.

Looking further ahead, my plans are to write an 11-minute pilot script for Summer Rec this summer and I'm hoping on animating it all over the next 2 semesters of school. More information on that as it arises.

So yeah, go watch the damn thing and enjoy it if you would please!

New Cartoon, Not Joking

Posted by Pixmintro - January 9th, 2011

Hey everybody

So yeah I've been working on a new cartoon for the last few months, and it should actually be done by March at the latest. It's called "Cheromanchequois" and if you wanna see a preview of it you can go check it out here, The Comatose Cartoonist. dats my new blog, follow it or whatever.

Yeah, so, new cartoon in a couple weeks/months. Oh and here's one of the backgrounds I did, I'm doin all of them in Photoshop this time around.

New Cartoon Soon, Not Lying This Time

Posted by Pixmintro - December 25th, 2010

Here's my new blog, Merry Christmas!
The Comatose Cartoonist

Yeah haven't updated here in... 4 months so hi how's it going. As for that cartoon I promised 4 months ago, I lied and never finished it, yup. At least my blog has some goodies on it. Since it's been so long, I don't really know what to say so... Bye!

The Comatose Cartoonist

Posted by Pixmintro - August 25th, 2010

Hey everybody, sup.

Today's my 19th birthday and as unimportant of an age this is, for some reason I'm really excited for it. Still haven't figured out why. I'm only a few days away from returning to University which I can't wait. Literally, my countdown to school started the second I got home from last semester. This year is just starting to seem like I'll really take it by the balls and run with it, seems like it'll be a shit-load of fun.

Man, I'm not used to sounding so hopeful and cheery, doubt anybody who is reading this who knows me is used to it either. Anyway, the Casting Call for my new series unofficially ENDED. It's unofficial cuz I managed to fill the 3 big male roles, the secondary role is the only one I didn't succeed in casting. So anyway hold onto your hats, here comes the results!

Derek Manthee is to be played by Seiyru-Renaih!
Jim Woodsworth is to be played by Antfish!
Dirk Burchibald is to be played by D-Mac Double!

Congrats you sons of a bitches, Seiyruubfdgbfdg, your name is terrible to spell.

Also while on The Summer Help, got my first piece of fanart for it already. I feel so. honored...

Anyways yeah there's that, I still haven't settled on anybody to play Norm McNulty yet, oh wellllll. I'm just now starting to write the second episode because I've been so busy working shitty fast-food. Shitty, shitty, shitty fast-food. The episode is shaping up to be really funny and what I originally envisioned the series to be is shifting by the second.

Oh yeah, expect a new cartoon in the next few weeks! Not shitting you, I'm actually doing something since it's been a really long time that I've done anything. The cartoon is loosely based on real events, very loosely and it should be up some time in September.

Also, here's a student film I saw on Cartoon Brew a few weeks ago that I really, really liked. Can't embed it cuz it's not a valid video format for Newgrounds B/

So there's all that, I've also been doing a lot of stupid idiot doodles recently since I haven't drawn all summer, I may post some if I feel like it. Also, go see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World if you haven't yet, it's fucking great! Seriously, please see it.