Entry #52

"Summer Rec" Kickstarter- Last Chance!

2012-06-02 19:47:20 by Pixmintro

Hey, just reminding you guys.

The "Summer Rec" Kickstarter fundraiser ends in 4 days! If you're interested in donating, DO IT NOW! Before it's too late! Tell your friends, tell your mom, tell everyone! You have the power!

"Summer Rec" Kickstarter- Last Chance!


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2012-06-02 22:01:38

do you even get any money if the project isn't funded in full?

Pixmintro responds:

Nyope, probably would have been better off using Indiegogo


2012-06-03 01:28:21

WAIT is this a long movie or a series

Pixmintro responds:

Its a pilot episode to pitch for a series


2012-06-03 05:03:19

i woudl be happy to do it if:
-I wasn't a teenager
-I actually have money.

So sorry.


2012-06-03 10:52:45

fuck i never knew u couldnt get the money if u didnt reach your goal, thats stupid!
fuckin nubs! XD Im broke lil artist myself or else id gladly breach your gap ;0


2012-06-03 22:00:10

even if it doesnt get funded, I hope you try again.