2009-09-06 22:36:47 by Pixmintro

Hey everybody, let's all just put the DD aside for now, since YAWWNNN whatever. Also, that title was just something completely non-sequitur.

I'm at college now and I'm fucking loving it. Every damn bit of it, the homework isn't even a pain (yet). My roommate is ultra cool along with everybody else in my rundown "high"-rise dormitory. Almost all of the people on my floor are animation majors, most of which are big into Newgrounds. Just a few nights ago, we were all piled into a 3rd year's room watching HappyHarry's cartoons. The parties here are a good time as well, lots of cute girls and lots of fun to be had.

With all good times come bad times. Pretty big, bad times that started off my time at school. My college mandates that all computers that are connected to the system all need Sophos Anti-Virus and some weird Cisco stuff. Upon installing the software, it made my glitchy Compaq go nuts and it went into restart and after lots of fiddling and to my own dismay, went into a Destructive System Recovery.

Yeah, my harddrive got wiped as a result and I was never too keen on backing up my files too extensively. Yeah, my bad. The harddrive is still telling me it's full to the same point it was before, but I just don't know where everything if it's there.

This kind of puts the brakes on my new cartoon since the latest version to my disposal is about a month old. Also importing .swf's off of the public uploader I use would, of course, cause audio loss and other BS. I just don't feel like dealing with that stuff right now. So the cartoon's on hold until I'm prepared to go do damage control on it.

Yep, otherwise, the good has incredibly outweighed the bad to the point of me not caring at all about my computer being wiped. The only thing I'm irritated about is that I have to get all my music back and recover some programs. Fehhhhh. Anyhoo, I will leave you with an excellent piece of animation made at the Animation Department at my University :). And no screenshots this time since, I DON'T HAVE ANY! :D

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Also, don't go to Nevvgrounds.Com, okay?



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2009-09-06 22:44:05

They Might Be Giants fucking rocks!

Pixmintro responds:

Yes, yes they do :3


2009-09-06 23:07:31

At least you've met some people who go to newgrounds. the only ng user I know is knoxius.

Pixmintro responds:

I totally wasn't expecting, happy surprise :D


2009-09-06 23:17:11

It's cool that there's a lot of people at college you can relate to...

Pixmintro responds:

We're all animation nerds here!


2009-09-06 23:32:57

That animation is awesome...
Sorry about your stuff being lost D:

Pixmintro responds:

Salgood, I had my breakdown the night of, then never again.


2009-09-07 00:55:03


4 more years till college fo' meh.

Pixmintro responds:

Jesus man, I thought you were older than that! People say high school is great, it is SHIT compared to college.


2009-09-07 01:49:11

The first two weeks of college were some of the best times I ever had. Glad to hear you're having a good time. I back my shit up every other day when I'm working on something important. Not because I'm afraid of my HDD getting wiped, but rather I'm afraid that I'm going to corrupt something (which happens frequently), and I need to revert back. Oh, and Cisco is the worst thing since Kathy Griffin.

I just went to that site you said not to go to. Is that bad?

Pixmintro responds:

Change your password quick, it was Newgrounds with a double "v" so "vv". That's how Ego got phished. But yeah college has been great, action action ACTION!!!


2009-09-07 02:35:16

For the record hat happens if you go to

Pixmintro responds:

it is a perfect duplication of the normal Newgrounds, they must have copied all the java and everything. DO NOT visit it if you are currently logged into NG, it will immediately tell you you're logged in, could compromise things. Hell, don't go there at all man!


2009-09-07 02:58:15

What college may I ask? I'd watch the video, but I'm on a handheld at the moment. Sounds like amazing fun.

Pixmintro responds:

Edinboro University of Pennsylvania B) One of the best animation schools and cheapest in the country apparently. Well top 20 animation schools I believe.


2009-09-07 02:58:16

eh freshman.

Pixmintro responds:

Aye College Freshman :D


2009-09-07 03:58:37

they might also be midgets

Pixmintro responds:

They Might Be Tyrants


2009-09-07 04:11:51

I wish They Might Be Giants xing was near my house

Pixmintro responds:

Make one!


2009-09-07 13:17:34

they might be gay

Pixmintro responds:

They Might Be Gay Tyrannical Midgets!


2009-09-07 14:07:00

college is fun!

Pixmintro responds:

Yes :)


2009-09-07 15:04:51


Pixmintro responds:



2009-09-09 16:22:19

Dude, I accidentally found your mom, Sue Carlin? on Facebook XD. I was looking at Zach Braffs profile and he had "Fan pics". Your mom posted your drawing of "shlubs" Haha...Any way didn't mean to creep you out, just recognized your style!

Pixmintro responds:

Jesus Christ... -_-


2009-09-19 19:34:12

forgot to mention never to go to


2009-10-15 22:45:55

I never realized how run down that dorm was until I got an apartment when I went to grad school for the first time.

Also: yes, it's snowing. Get used to it. But the Hotel Bar does 10 cent drafts on the night of the first snow when you're old enough/if you like beer.