VENTURE BROS Season 4!... Also College and 18th Bday

2009-08-20 18:01:56 by Pixmintro

Hey everybody, this is gonna be my last ever "pre-college" FP post, coolio.

Anyway, I've been slowly working on the new cartoon, I figured my pace would slow after a while like it does with everything I work on. BUT, it's still lookin' mighty good. If you're savvy, you can dig up what I have done so far of the new (cameo-ridden) cartoon, elsewhere. (Cough, TBA, cough!) I finally solidified the storyboard, since it's just a big mess of post-its on my wall anyhow and I'm pretty happy with it.

Also, my 18th birthday's coming up on Tuesday which I'm pretty excited about. And I leave for college on the 30th so yeah, a lot of changes going on in the next week or so, bring it on! Yep, anyhow, yeah I did a part for Syndication, but I'm not totally sure how often I may participate, I seem a little too faggy for the Star Syndicate so...

Anyhow, I leave you with something truly TRULY awesome. The Trailer for Venture Bros. Season 4!!!

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Oh, and another screenshot I guess.

VENTURE BROS Season 4!... Also College and 18th Bday


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2009-08-20 18:07:04

Great to here you're still in action buddy!

Pixmintro responds:



2009-08-20 18:20:26


Pixmintro responds:

Haha YES


2009-08-20 18:27:35

looking forward to that cartoon of yours

Pixmintro responds:

Thank you


2009-08-20 18:38:03

The VB 4th season looks like it's gonna be badass!

Can't wait for your new movie too :)

Pixmintro responds:

Yeah, I thought having the totally awesome Venture Bros would help increase my ad revs haha


2009-08-20 19:10:52

needs more brock samson

Pixmintro responds:

Yes it most certainly does


2009-08-20 19:17:31

Your new cartoon looks great!

Do you think it will be done soon? ALSO NO ONE MAKE BSS THREADS ABOUT HIS B-DAY I WANNA.

Pixmintro responds:

Why thank you :> I have no idea when this is gonna be done. The earliest would probably be... October, the latest being Spring 2010?


2009-08-20 19:49:00

VB season 4 is is gonna kick so much ass! I CANT WAIT!!!

(Updated ) Pixmintro responds:

Yeeeeeeeah, 16! Yes 16 episodes of Venture Bros this year. Split into 8 episode chunks so we no longer have to wait a year and a half for another season.


2009-08-20 19:52:48

My Jim has Wood. Is it treatable?

Pixmintro responds:

Science has only brought us so far, watch out for termite infestations.


2009-08-20 20:31:46

Holy fuck I'm super psyched for VB

Pixmintro responds:

I know right! :>>>>


2009-08-20 20:35:53

Hell YES! I can't wait to see more venture brothers.


2009-08-20 20:39:54

also lol, 1:40


2009-08-20 21:51:30

i've never watched venture bros aaaaa
anyway gl in college man

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks, if you wanted to watch it, you need to start from the very beginning.


2009-08-20 22:21:41

Venture Bros is so badass i mean it's one of the few shows on TV that you can watch more the 5 times and still laugh and be amused at. It's got balls and its not afraid to show it.

Pixmintro responds:

Ever so true.


2009-08-21 11:35:41

Maaaaaaan look at that background, truly impressive. I saw your lil WIP on TBA, everything looks fantastic.

Pixmintro responds:

Thanks man, backgrounds in this style are a pain in the ass!


2009-08-21 11:44:59

I can't wait! Thanks for the info!


2009-08-26 14:09:48

I've grown to like the Venture Bros. But since school is starting, I wont be able to stay up at five in the morning to watch them.

Pixmintro responds:

Luckily they're offer all their episodes on Adult Swim's site too.


2009-08-26 22:34:46

Who the fuck gives a shit about your birthday? The Venture Bros sucks a 23 1/2 inch long donkey cock! And I shit better looking backrounds then that piece of dogfuck on this pathetic excuse of a userpage and the only thing that makes it even mentionable is that I have had the kindness to grace my presence with it fucktard!!!

Pixmintro responds:

Hehehe :>