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2nd Place in State Competition For "Mischief Melee"

Posted by Pixmintro - May 24th, 2008

Hey everybody, I've been away for a little while and what I came back too was awesome!

As some of you have heard, I won 2nd in the Pennsylvania Computer Fair for Animation (1st Place going to fellow Newgrounder Gun-Booster, for Hyperanimation Ep. #1). Anyway, I was planning on submitting a new and improved version of "Mischief Melee" to see if I could get a better rating, but no... Last week the movie was a 3.67 out of 5, now it is hovering around 3.83 out of 5. Nevermind, score's too good to just drop.

Anyway, the even bigger news that I'd like to announce is that I've decided to send "Mischief Melee" to the Ottawa International Animation Festival! I may not place in their student division but at least it'll get me a BUTT-LOAD of publicity.

Besides all that, I'd like to say thanks to all of those who have been treating my movies so well on here lately ("Noxious Gases and You" was just a movie I put up here just to update, but it got Daily 5th Place!) Okay, one more thing. The next movie (which I've said a little about before) will be called "The Brunch Bunch" (NG-T103) and as you may have guessed, at least part of the episode will be a "Breakfast Club" parody. Just to know, this episode's quality so far (2 minutes out of 11 minutes made) blows the other two movies out of the water! I'll put up some screenshots soon.

Okay, that's all I need to say, here's a random wallpaper I made for an episode I'll do sometime in the future! That disgusting brown thing is called a "Sog" (A deep-fried cheeseburger dipped in chocolate and drenched in "secret sauce"). Also, its wrapped in 'delightfully quilted paper foils' (toilet paper).

2nd Place in State Competition For "Mischief Melee"

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congrats, and in that Ottawa International Animation Festival do you need to quailify?

All you need to do is register, send a DVD with your movie on it, send some 300 dpi stills and a director's bio. The deadline's June 1st and all DVDs have to arrive at their headquarters by June 16th.

congrats dude!

to be honest dude
hyperanimation was extremely crappy

I liked it, but I'm not passing judgment.

dude i love the show and also i like the idea of a kid doom to be an idot so please continue with it, also your show has inspired me to make my own show on newgrounds just wanted to tell you so you could be the first to see SQUAREMAN SAM look out for it dude

Thank you so much, I had no idea I'd even be able to inspire anybody to do anything let alone create their own cartoon series. I sure will keep a look out for you show. Also, get ready for "Tywo at Large Ep #3" due late September. Also, I'm most likely going to have a new and improved version of "Tywo at Large Ep #1" available around mid June. Thanks again man!

That looks really nice!

Good luck